There is hardly any area of business that has remained safe from the negative impact of the COVID 19 virus in the last two years. From education and manufacturing to restaurants and health care – every industry has witnessed tremendous impact of this virus attack and deal with the situation as per their strength and abilities. The Courier industry is not an exception. The impact of the Corona Virus on the courier and delivery industry is also notable.

Currently, we are going through a new strain of this virus. As per industry experts, this phase will also profoundly impact the courier and delivery industry.

How COVID Changes Delivery and Courier Industry?

COVID 19 brought so many changes in our lifestyle. Courier workers and drivers are not exceptions. They also need to follow those changes and practice a lot of things that they have never done so far. For example, wearing masks, frequently using sanitisers, washing hands, monitoring their body temperature and maintaining physical distance with others are some of these practices.

Before the COVID attack, they did not need to get worried about touching packages or other items while delivering them to clients’ addresses. They need to sanitise all those packets and items before touching them to avoid contamination. The overall hygiene maintenance routine has changed a lot due to the fear of being contaminated with this deadly virus. From the vehicles they use for delivery to the packaging materials – everything needs to be passed through strict sanitisation procedures to avoid risks of spreading this virus in any possible manner.

Contact Less Delivery

For the last 18 to 24 months, delivery professionals have been offering “contactless” or “zero contact” delivery services to their clients worldwide to avoid direct physical contact. This includes,

  1. No touching of doorbells
  2. No touching of doorknobs and handles
  3. No touching of stair rails or avoiding standing on doormats
  4. No direct delivery of the packet on the hands of the customer
  5. Not going inside the office or the home while delivering the goods
  6. Maintaining 6 feet distance while delivering or picking up the goods
  7. Refrain from passing pens, scanners or other objects to the customer

Encouraging customers to pay online and avoid direct payment of cash

There is no way of stopping the spread of a pandemic. But, there are definitely ways to stay safe and help others to maintain their safety during this tough period. Courier and delivery executives are doing their job excellently during this period.

AMR Couriers follows all the COVID 19 safety protocols while providing service to clients. Please get in touch with us for more information.